How can I get started with Hipo?

To get started with Hipo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your preferred TON-compatible wallet to the Hipo Liquid Staking Platform.

  2. Stake your Toncoins by selecting the desired amount and initiating the staking process.

  3. Upon staking your TONs, you'll promptly receive hTON tokens at the current exchange rate of hTON/TON. These tokens represent your stake and offer liquidity within the DeFi ecosystem.

  4. Start earning rewards as the exchange rate of hTON/TON dynamically adjusts based on the staking rewards earned by TON coins staked through the Hipo platform. The value of your hTON tokens will increase over time, reflecting the augmented worth of the underlying TON tokens.

  5. To maximize the potential of your staked assets, utilize your hTON tokens by transferring, trading, or engaging in various DeFi applications. Check out the hTON use cases here.

  6. When you decide to unstake your Toncoins, simply initiate the unstaking process through the Hipo platform. After a cooldown period, your staked TONs and any accrued rewards will be promptly returned to your wallet.

  7. You can also swiftly swap your TON coins on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) if immediate access is required.

  8. Remember that staked Toncoins are lent to validators via the Hipo smart contract to participate in validation rounds, contributing to the network's security and earning staking rewards. Hipo operates with a permissionless approach for validators, ensuring the most optimized Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for stakers.

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