🖼️Hipo NFTs

What are Hipo NFTs?

Hipo NFTs are unique digital assets issued by the Hipo platform. They serve as a form of recognition and reward for active participants and contributors to the Hipo community.

Who is Eligible to Receive Hipo NFTs?

Hipo NFTs are distributed to individuals who actively engage with and contribute to the growth of the Hipo platform. This includes community members who participate in discussions, provide feedback, share ideas, and help promote Hipo's mission.

Methods of Acquiring Hipo NFTs

Active Participation: Users can earn Hipo NFTs by actively participating in the Hipo community. This includes participating in discussions on social media channels, forums, and community events and contributing to platform improvement initiatives.

Marketplace Transactions: Users can acquire Hipo NFTs from existing holders through TON NFT marketplaces like GetGems. This NFT acquiring method enables users to purchase Hipo NFTs from other community members willing to sell or trade their NFTs.

Hipo NFT Collections

Hipo has launched several NFT collections to date, with each collection representing a unique theme or concept. As Hipo continues to evolve, additional NFT collections may be released.

Benefits of Holding Hipo NFTs

  • Eligibility for rewards and benefits within the Hipo ecosystem.

  • Receiving HPO tokens, the governance token of the Hipo platform. Learn more about how HPO tokens are distributed here.

  • Prioritization for rewards or incentives distributed by Hipo for ongoing support and contribution.

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