🔐Why Your Security Matters?

At Hipo, safeguarding the security of our users' assets and maintaining the integrity of the TON ecosystem are paramount. Here's how we prioritize security:

  • Transparency Through Open Source: Hipo's commitment to security begins with transparency. By adhering to open-source principles, our codebase is publicly accessible and transparent. This fosters community trust and allows developers and security experts to review the code for potential vulnerabilities, enhancing the protocol's overall security. Check out our GitHub Repository.

  • Rigorous Security Audits: Hipo undergoes comprehensive security audits from reputable third-party auditing firms. These audits meticulously assess the protocol's smart contracts, codebase, and architecture for vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Hipo ensures a robust defense against potential threats by adhering to the highest security standards. Review all Hipo Protocol Audits.

  • Thorough Testing on Testnet: Before deployment to the mainnet, Hipo undergoes extensive testing on a dedicated testnet environment. This rigorous testing allows developers to identify and address any issues or vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of security breaches upon public launch.

⛑ To switch to the testnet environment in the Hipo app, click the Hipo logo five times in the footer.

By prioritizing security through these measures, Hipo aims to provide users with a secure and robust staking platform, safeguarding their assets and ensuring the integrity of the protocol.

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