😎Hipo Ambassadors Program

️Join us in spreading the word about Hipo. As a Hipo Ambassador, you'll be key in our community and earn rewards for your efforts.

Program Goals

  • Engage the Community: Get people involved.

  • Boost Visibility: Make Hipo more known.

  • Share Knowledge: Provide accurate info.

  • Promote Innovation: Inspire creative ideas.

How You Can Contribute

Here are some suggested ways to contribute to the Hipo community, but feel free to be creative and innovative:

Create Content

Share insights about Hipo and decentralized finance through engaging content like memes, infographics, and articles. Help spread Hipo’s content in multiple languages to reach non-English speakers.

Host Events

Organize online events to educate and engage the community.

Support the Community

Moderate forums and chat groups, assist new users and keep discussions productive.

Promote on Social Media

Share posts, create content, and join discussions to grow our online presence.

Rewards and Evaluation

  • hTON Tokens: $200 in hTON distributed every two weeks, with potential increases.

  • Exclusive NFTs: Special NFTs offer benefits like voting rights, discounts, and airdrops.

You can submit contributions anytime. Our team reviews submissions every two weeks and decides on rewards based on the quality and impact of your efforts.

How to Join

  1. Get Involved: Engage with the community and create content.

  2. Share Your Work: Use our form to submit your articles, videos, or social media posts.

  3. Get Evaluated: Our team reviews contributions bi-weekly.

  4. Earn Rewards: Receive rewards for your contributions.

Code of Conduct

As a Hipo Ambassador, you're a representative of our community. We expect you to:

  • Be Respectful: Create a welcoming environment.

  • Maintain Integrity: Make sure your contributions are honest and original.

  • Be Professional: Interact respectfully.

  • Follow Guidelines: Stick to the rules and regulations.

Get Started

To be an effective ambassador, we recommend:

Stay informed and connected to contribute effectively and help us grow!

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