🔁Using hTON

Using hTON in DeFi Protocols

  1. Access to Liquidity: With hTON, you have access to liquidity, unlike traditional staking, where your assets are locked up. You can freely transfer hTON to others or use it in various DeFi applications such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and lending protocols. Learn more about hTON use cases.

  2. hTON Price Dynamics: It's important to note that the quantity of hTON remains fixed, representing the staked TON tokens, while its price increases due to staking rewards earned. For example, let's say you stake 10 TON tokens and receive 10 hTON tokens. As staking rewards are distributed, the value of hTON increases. If the initial price of hTON is 1 TON, and the staking rewards generate an additional 20% return over time, the price of 1 hTON would rise to 1.2 TON. Therefore, your initial 10 hTON tokens would be worth 12 TONs after the staking period.

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