⚠️Watch the Scammers!

When deciding to stake your Toncoins (TON) with Hipo, you might encounter people or websites claiming to simplify the process for you.

Don't trust anyone in the process of staking your assets!

Scammers are out there waiting to empty your wallet. They may exploit your lack of knowledge by offering seemingly simpler or faster ways to start staking with Hipo.

To protect your assets, make sure you're following these guidelines:

  • Use Only Official Channels

Hipo's official channels are:

  • Verify Before Staking: Never stake TON coins on any platform claiming to be Hipo or related to Hipo other than hipo.finance

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check our official channels for updates and information.

Your security is our priority. By using only our official channels, you can protect your tokens and ensure a safe staking experience with Hipo. If you encounter any suspicious activity, contact our support team immediately.

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