🚀Get Started

Get started with Hipo and begin earning passive income with your Toncoins. Follow these simple steps to connect your wallet, stake your TON, and receive hTON rewards.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

  1. Tap "Connect Wallet"

    • Open the Hipo app and tap on the "Connect Wallet" button.

  2. Select Your TON Wallet

    • Choose your preferred TON wallet from the list (e.g., Tonkeeper, Telegram Wallet).

  3. Confirm on Your Wallet

    • Follow the prompts in your wallet to authorize the connection to Hipo.

Note: Make sure you have a wallet that supports the TON blockchain, like Tonkeeper or the TON wallet integrated into Telegram.

Step 2: Enter the Amount to Stake

  1. Enter the Desired Amount

    • In the staking interface, input the amount of TON you wish to stake.

  2. Tap "Stake"

    • After entering the amount, tap the "Stake" button to proceed.

Tip: You can review the staking details, such as the amount of hTON you will receive, before confirming.

Step 3: Confirm the Transaction

  1. Transaction Request

    • Hipo will send a staking request to your connected wallet.

  2. Confirm in Your Wallet

    • Open your wallet and confirm the transaction.

Note: Ensure you have enough TON in your wallet to cover both the staking amount and any associated network fees.

Step 4: Receive hTON

  1. Transaction Processing

    • Wait for the transaction to be processed on the TON blockchain.

  2. Receive hTON

    • Once the transaction is successfully processed, hTON will be credited to your wallet.

Note: hTON represents your staked TON and can be used in various DeFi protocols while still earning staking rewards.

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